Welcome to the world of Screenwriter-Author-Teacher-Entrepreneur Virendra Shahaney.

Mr. Virendra Shahaney is a renowned Screenwriter, Creative Director, Teacher and Entrepreneur in Indian Entertainment Industry.

Over his 20+ years of career, he has delivered 2500+ hours of fiction content across 22 super-hit shows, from various genre. His body of work includes CID, Aahat, Adaalat, Kumkum, Uttaran, and Parrvarish. He has also penned two novels, “Moonwalker” and “The Visible God”.

He is former Vice President and Head of Fiction at Sony Entertainment Television. He co-founded award-winning digital content streaming service – “Web Talkies” and led it for 6 years as CEO.

Virendra is now expanding into research and education. His maiden education venture is “Story Craft Education” – an online institute for aspiring writers which trains new talent for entertainment industry with original, indigenous course material and tools.

Over the next two decades Virendra aims to create A Happy Planet, through a range of Knowledge, skill and Entertainment Products.

Virendra's TV Shows


CID is a crime series produced and Directed by Mr. B.P.Singh. The series revolves around an honest and brave cop ACP Pradyuman and his team. This episodic series which used [...]


Adaalat is an Indian television courtroom drama series which revolves around Advocate K.D Pathak, a defense lawyer with an impeccable track record of winning cases and setting helpless innocent victims [...]

Kuch toh log kahenge

Based in the beautiful locales of Lucknow and on the backdrop of a hospital setting, KTLK is a different love story between two very different people with a substanital age [...]

Parrvarish – Kuch Khatti Kuch Meethi

Adjudged best Drama Series, Jury by ITA 2012, this series has proved to be a trendsetter in Indian Television and has been instrumental in the surge of Sony Entertainment Television's [...]

Virendra's Novels

The Visible God

New Release


Available Exclusively on Amazon

13-year-old Tara mysteriously disappears with the Malaysian airline flight 370. Her mother accepts this mind-numbing incident as God’s will but her father Rudra Shankar Pani, a scientist, refuses to believe.(See On Amazon)




Available in all online Bookstores

On July 20, 1969, two significant events occurred. The first one happened on the Moon as Neil Armstrong, an astronaut, set America’s flag on it. The second event happened inside the head of a little boy in Bihar, India. (See On Amazon)


Curated Stories
Virendra's Storytelling Courses

If you wish to write or direct Films, Web-series, Television-serials, Novels, Short films or Radio-Stories, or if your work involves commissioning or evaluating stories – our course series “Storytelling with Viirendra” is for you.

This course is conducted for 3 levels – Beginners, Advanced & Professional. It is designed by Viirendra who brings to the classroom his successful writing experience and an inimatable coaching style.

Watch Course - Part 1

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