Anything is possible

One day a princess came to a car showroom. When the manager greeted her with his trademark smile, she greeted him with a challenge he had never faced before. The princess told him that she would like her car to be of a particular colour. The managers at this particular car showroom pride themselves with outstanding customer service. He asked the princess for the colour she liked and he would get her a custom painted vehicle.

The princess showed him her fingernails and asked him to get her car painted with the colour of her nail polish.

“Can I have your bottle of nail polish, madam?”, asked the manager.

The princess said showing him the bottle, “I am sorry but that will not be possible because this is the only bottle of this nail paint in the world, produced specially for me. This is a custom shade.”

The manager was in a fix but he had to stand up to his service standards. So he requested the princess to let him borrow the bottle for a minute. He took the bottle, applied a little nail polish on his nail and excused himself.

Next hour, he was on a flight to Germany, where the cars were manufactured. He rushed in there, got his foreman to scrape the paint off his nail. Then he got the paint company to produce the shade for them and painted the car in that colour.

When the bright and shining vehicle was delivered to the Princess, she could not believe it. She profusely thanked the manager. And the manager said, “No need to thank me madam. We promise our customers that we shall always deliver more than what is expected of us and when we work with this attitude, anything is possible!”


Source : Unknown

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