Be human…

A soldier was about to return home after a war. Before leaving he called his mom and dad and said, “I am coming home but I need a favour from you.” The parents were eager to see their son so they said, “What is it, son? We will do anything for you.” The soldier said, “I have a friend with me. He is severely injured and has lost his arms and legs. I want to bring him along with me.”

“Oh sure!” said the parents. “We can help him find a good home where he will be taken care of.”

“No, I don’t want you to find him another home. I want him to stay with us.” insisted the soldier.

There was a moment of silence on the parents’ end and then the father said, “It is going to be difficult, my child. A man with such handicap will be a huge burden. We have our own lives to live. I suggest you reconsider your decision and come home alone. He will find a way to live all by himself.”

Disappointed, the soldier hung up. The parents did not hear from him again.

A few months passed and the parents became worried. They decided to contact their son but he never came on the phone. The parents finally decided to visit their son and bring him home. But when they reached the cantonment,  they saw to their horror that it was their son had lost his arms and legs.

He did not return because he did not want to be a burden on them.

Moral: Be human, to people you love and to people you don’t.


Source: Real life
photo credit: TexasEagle via photopin cc

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