Be like a pencil…!

One day a child saw his grandmother looking at a pencil with great intent. He was curious so he asked, “Why are you looking at this pencil grandma? It is like any other!” The grandmother smiled and replied, “I am trying to see how many great qualities this pencil has. If I can become like it I will be a better person.”

The child was confused and he wanted to know more. So the grandmother explained, “A pencil has five terrific qualities!’

#1. This pencil has the capability to write anything but it always needs a strong hand and a strong mind to guide it through the process of writing. Similarly, however capable we may be, we must always have a mentor, a guide to show us the way!”

#2. This pencil needs to be sharpened every now and then. It may be painful for it, but the result of going through a sharpener is a nice tip which makes this pencil write better. We all must sharpen our skills every now and then and we shall be much better than we are.

#3. A pencil allows us to rectify our mistakes by the use of an eraser. We should be as flexible as that and should be able to accept and correct our mistakes.

#4. A pencil’s quality does not come from the wood outside, but from the lead which is inside. Similarly, what is inside us – our thoughts, are far more important than our external appearance.

#5. Finally, the greatest quality of a pencil is that it leaves a mark wherever it touches. We should be like that – so strong that we leave a mark behind us!

The child was in awe of the grandmother and her observation. But more than that he was in awe of the pencil. He never looked at a pencil like this.


Author: Unknown
photo credit: anieto2k via photopin cc

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