Chinese bamboo and secret of strong growth

Have you ever seen Chinese bamboo? What does it tell you? Nothing you would say. But read on and you will learn a beautiful lesson for life.

Chinese bamboo is quite a unique plant. When it is planted and nurtured, it does not grow even an inch for one full season. During the next growing season the farmer must continue to water, fertilize and nourish the bamboo tree – yet nothing happens.

No result is seen for four long years. It can be really discouraging for a farmer who is impatient. For him it is a waste of time and substantial energy to nurture a tree, which simply refuses to grow. But to a patient farmer, the fifth year is an amazing one.

The Chinese bamboo seems to reward the patient farmer by shooting up suddenly and growing up to 80 feet tall. So much so that it becomes the tallest tree around.

What makes a Chinese bamboo behave in such extra-ordinary manner?

Actually, the answer is very simple. The Chinese tree knows how tall it will grow – and exactly how heavy it will become. So to support its huge height and weight, it works on its roots first. It develops its root system underground for four long years and makes it tough enough to sustain the eventual external growth.

If it did not do that, the tree would never grow to its true potential and fall.

Same principle applies to our lives too. If we dream big and want to grow tall, we must work on our foundation first – a foundation that is built with strong values and deep knowledge.  And we should build this foundation with a lot of patience and great care. Then and only then we can stand tall without falling off because of our own weight.


Author: Virendra
photo credit: Giant Ginkgo via photopin cc


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