Don’t be like Charlie…?

This is an interesting story of Charlie – An Actor.

Charlie was a brilliant actor. He was a star and the masses loved him. But Charlie had a strange shortcoming. He was too indulgent with his craft. He always insisted on realism during acting.  So much so that his manager was fad up of him.. But what could he do. Charlie was a star.

On one occasion, Charlie had to perform a drinking scene. Apple juice was provided in a bottle. But Charlie insisted on liquor. The manager had to bring a bottle of liquor and then Charlie performed. On another occasion, it was a sword-fighting scene and Charlie insisted on using the real swords. The manager was helpless and the real swords were provided. Every member of the shooting crew was on the edge and something needed to be done to control Charlie.

But what can one do? The manager came up with an idea. The next scene was the one in which the hero was drinking poison. And Charlie was given some real poison. Charlie was in a fix. That very instant, he realised his mistake. He understood the importance of practicality in life.

And he promised to be more sensible in the future.

Source: Real Life

photo credit: Michael Till via photopin cc

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