For a few hundred rupees more…

She was 80 odd years old.

Wrinkled hands and sunken cheeks were all she had to show for a life long-lived and nothing else. Everyday she sat on the busy market street patiently with her stock of fries and sold them to passer-bys to support her family.

One day when she was hawking as usual, the business was slow. By the end of day she made only three hundred rupees. She was a little disappointed as she counted the money in hand. That’s when a woman came to her. This woman used to beg around the nearby traffic signal. She told the old lady, “Why do you have to do all this at this age for a meager sum like this, when you can beg and make at least five hundred rupees? Looking at you all those rich bastards will open their purse strings.” Saying this the beggar woman laughed.

The old lady replied, “God took away my son few years ago and put me back on the streets at this age. Destiny did want me to be a beggar but that is not acceptable to me. I can sell anything and make a meager amount but I can not sell my self-respect for a few hundred more!”

Lifting her stuff with her bent waist, she walked off with her head held high.

Moral: You can live life on your own terms no matter if you want to.


Inspired by the life of Sheela Ghosh, West Bengal, India.
photo credit: Zuhair Ahmad via photopin cc

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