Fragrance of a flower…

A middle-aged woman was sitting alone in a park on a bench. She looked sad and lost in her own plight. She was thinking about her ageing signs and about the fact that she was no longer the beauty she used to be many years ago.

That’s when a little boy came to her and offered her a flower with a smile. The flower was wilting. Its petals were yellow on the edges and looked crumpled.

The woman ignored the boy and looked away. When the boy insisted she was annoyed. She took the flower and kept it aside. The boy then sat next to her, picked up the flower and smelt it. He said, “It is the best flower you will ever find. Just smell it. And it will make you happy.”

The woman took the flower and asked the boy to leave at once. The boy left.

The woman smelt the flower. The scent was really nice. She looked in the direction of the boy. He was picking up another flower from the ground and heading towards an old man. As he walked, the woman realized that the boy was blind.

“He judged a flower by its fragrance, not by its looks.”

The woman rose and went back to her life with a new bounce in her feet.

Author : unknown


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