Love, care and a mysterious note

Once, there was a beautiful young girl in her late twenties who was in love. She dreamt of a good life with her boyfriend. Her boyfriend was a handsome young man and they were together for many years now. But she had no idea that her world was about to go upside-down.

On one stormy night, the boyfriend dumped her and told her never to see him again. It was a shock that looked like a fatal blow. The girl was not sure if she could survive this betrayal in love. But when she reached home she found a note lying on her doorstep. Not feeling much about it, she picked it up and read,

“See me at 6 tomorrow morning at the cross of Perry and Lipton Street. I want to share your pain,” said the note but it had no signature.

“Who could it be?” wondered the girl. “Was it a secret admirer who was in love with her, or a stalker who was looking for an opportunity to find her unguarded ?” There were lots of questions but no answers.

As she entered her apartment, the memories of the tragic evening returned to her. This was an apartment filled with memories of her boyfriend who had rudely abandoned her. Now she was alone in this world, and she had nobody to go to.

Her best friend had shifted base to another town and she was not on good terms with her parents. She remembered the day when she had fought with her parents over the boyfriend. They did not approve of him and she was adamant. Her father was very angry with her but she did not care about him. Her father had told her not to show him her face again. Now she had no courage to go to him and apologize.

Tears rolled down her eyes. She had never felt so lonely in life.

She did not realize when she fell asleep and when she woke up the next morning, it was with the thought of that note. She picked up the note and read it again.

“See me at 6 tomorrow morning at the cross of Perry and Lipton Street. I want to share your pain.”

The cross of Perry and Lipton Street was a solitary area. Not much populated.

“Why had he called her there? What was the purpose of this meeting?”

The sender had clearly said, I want to share you pain…

It was 5 a.m. and she started getting dressed. It was as if some unseen power was pushing her along. She stepped out of her apartment. Outside, the dawn was about to break. She took a taxi and reached the place.

There was noone there. She waited. Standing alone. Nobody came for a long time.

“Did someone play a prank on her…?”

She was about to leave when she saw a car approaching her. She skipped a beat because she recognized the car immediately. It was her father’s car. She could not believe it. Her father had vowed not to see her face again. When he pulled near her and stepped out, she whispered.

“You, dad?”

“Don’t say a word,” he said. “I am here to take you.”

She looked at him in disbelief. He put an arm around her and led her to the car. She hesitated. “Don’t hesitate my child,” the father said, “I know how difficult it is to say sorry, but it is not that difficult for me to forgive. I am your father and I love you.”

Author: Virendra
photo credit: dragon762w (moved to 500px) via photopin cc

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