One day a boy came to a PCO and asked for a permission to make a call. When the PCO owner asked him to go ahead, the boy dragged a nearby stool so he could reach the height at which the telephone was kept. Then he made a call. The PCO owner listened to the conversation as the boy spoke to a woman.

He politely asked, “Madam, can I get the job of doing up your lawn!”

The woman from the other end said, “Sorry, I already have someone who does that job for me and I am satisfied with his work.”

The boy pushed, “I am willing to work for half the price, madam.”

But the woman declined saying she was really happy with existing worker’s job so she was not looking for a change. The boy was not the one to give up so he pressed further, “I will also clean up your driveway and wipe your glass windows for the same price!” The woman now got irritated and banged the phone saying, “No, thank you. I am not looking to change my current employee. I am fully satisfied with his work!”

The boy kept the phone down. That’s when the PCO owner who found the boy quite enterprising offered him a job with him. The boy politely declined, “Thank you for your offer sir, but I do not need a job.” The PCO owner was confused, “You were pleading to the woman for a job and now, when I am offering you one, you are saying you do not need a job?”

The boy smiled and said, “I already have a job with the lady. I am the one who takes care of her lawn. I was just checking whether she was happy with my work or not. It is important for me to know if I am doing my job perfectly!” The PCO owner was speechless as the boy paid for the phone call and went back to work.


Author: Unknown
photo credit: demandaj via photopin cc


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