The best deal

When I was 13-years old, I became very interested in shopping and making purchases from eBay.

I would do all the browsing around and then when there was something I found that I wanted, I would ask for the help of my Dad to place bids and make purchases. After a while being just a buyer wasn’t doing it for me anymore, I wanted to sell. I had many things around the house from my childhood I no longer needed and knew with the help of my father we could make money. So for months and months I went on a selling spree on my Dads account. But soon I realized I wanted full control of my own account and wanted to become more and more serious.

So on December 9th, 2012, I had made my own account and was ready to start my business. I looked at it this way; it was a full time job of something I loved to do and could set my own hours (A win-win situation for me).

Things were going great and I decided just selling things around the house wasn’t making me the kind of money that I wanted to make, so I decided to turn my business into a resale shop. I went around to garage sales and bought items for low prices and sold them for much higher prices. I drove myself around and bought items like: printers, crystal, ink cartridges, and other electronic devices. Anything that could make me from a 200-1,500% of what I bought my item for.

Last November, I went to a garage sale that was a little bit different. The owner was a single lady who you could just tell was struggling. She had many nice items that I knew would sell quickly. I went up to her and started a conversation with her and she was in a dire economic state and jobless as were many in Michigan at this time. My mother (who works for a staffing agency) came home many times explaining how difficult jobs were to come by at this time. I decided to give her my card and explain that I could sell any of her garage sale left overs for her to help her out. She gave me a blank stare for a moment and then broke down into tears. She explained how I must have been sent from God and that I was her savior.

So I took a bunch of her stuff and over the next 2 months had made her over $1,500! She was so grateful for all of my help but was still left without a job. I was able to get her name and resume to my mother where she ultimately was able to get a job and get back on her feet again. I think that it was fate that I was able to meet this woman. I have never felt so happy to help someone in my life. I felt as if I had made a difference in this big world and that my skills could be used to help someone who really needed it. With some faith anything can be made possible and making a difference can be rewarding.

Author: DJ

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