You are important

Once upon a time, in ancient China, there was a farmer. He had two earthen pots. One of them was cracked while the other one was intact.

The farmer had tied these pots on either side of a bamboo and he used them to carry water from the nearby stream. The farmer always started with both pots full but by the time he reached his hut the cracked pot was only half filled.

While the new pot felt pride in carrying the full amount of water, the cracked pot was ashamed of itself. The intact pot mischievously made a fuss about this fact, joked with the cracked pot and made him feel more ashamed. One day, when the farmer carried water to his hut, the cracked pot apologized to him and cried.

The farmer smiled in affection and told the pot, “Please don’t feel so miserable. You don’t even know what you do for me. I had planted some flower seeds on your side of my path. You watered those seeds every day and the seeds have now turned into plants. Those plants give me flowers, which keep my wife happy, and my house decorated.”

The farmer showed him the line of plants alongside his path. There were colourful flowers grown on them. It was a beautiful sight that made the cracked pot feel good about itself. The farmer said to him, “Believe me, you are important!”

He now knew that nobody in this world is any less than the other. We all are important, however flawed we may seem to be.


Author : Unknown

photo credit: violscraper via photopin cc

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