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A Story Development Course For Budding Authors and Screenwriters

story craft

About The Course

Learn to think and write like the professional writers do. You get to learn from the master storyteller Mr. Virendra Shahaney – a renowned writer who gave us  popular stories like CID, Aahat, Adaalat, Uttaran, Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum, Moonwalker and The Visible God.

Virendra has designed this course himself – and based on his 25 years experience as a highly successful storyteller – he has designed a unique and amazing set of tools which will improve your creative thinking abilities and will also make you the champion of craft of storytellng.

After attending this four-week course, you will walk away with your own complete story and you can chooose to write for Films, Web-series, TV-serials, or Novels.

Format: 12-sessions Two-hour each Over online-Video
Limited Batch Size.

Next Batch Starts

17th August, 2020

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Course Content

Chapter 1: Introduction

Module 1.1: What is a story?

Module 1.2: Elements of a story

Module 1.3: Difference between Story and Storytelling

Module 1.4: Elements of Storytelling

Chapter 2: Laying the foundation of a story

Module 2.1: Know Your Audience

Module 2.2: Theme Development

Module 2.3: Premise Development

Chapter 3: Understanding Plot

Module 3.1: Elements of plot

Module 3.2: Creating The Protagonist

Module 3.3: Creating The Antagonist

Module 3.4: Understanding The Protagonist’s Journey

Module 3.5: Understanding The Antagonist’s Journey

Module 3.6: Understanding The Conflict

Module 3.7: Understanding The Twist

Module 3.8: The Timeline

Chapter 4: Designing the world of a story

Module 4.1: The Location and Time

Module 4.2: Creating Supporting Characters

Module 4.3: Creating Sub-plots

Chapter 5: Structuring the narrative

Module 5.1: One Hard Look at the Timeline

Module 5.2: Begin to Engage

Module 5.3: Middle must entertain

Module 5.4: End for Impact

Chapter 6: Working on Resolution

Module 6.1: Types of Endings

Module 6.2: Best Message is Silent

Chapter 7: Nailing it with narration

Module 7.1: Storyteller’s Body Language

Module 7.2: Storyteller’s Voice

Module 7.3: The Heartbeat Test

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Shashank Gajanan Mhasawade

Story Craft Student

Once upon a time in twenty-first century Mumbai, there lived a craftsman named Virendra with his queen Aparna. He was not just a wordsmith, but also a master storyteller. He had written popular TV shows and bestseller books.
One day a severe pandemic struck the world and everyone was locked down wherever they were. But no lockdown can curb ideas and creativity. Aparna and Virendra had a bright idea. They decided to discover and train budding writers, to craft a new breed of storytellers. Thus an online course was born. It was aptly named Story Craft.
Seven students joined the batch from different parts of the country. They were all very excited and eager to learn. They would log on to Zoom and participate in the interactive sessions every alternate day. Each had a story seed and wanted to see it blossom into a beautiful, lush green, flowering plant.
But some asooras/demons started troubling the students, like they do all writers. Lazinessasoor was the biggest of them. Have-nothing-to-sayasoor was on the forefront. The most peculiar daanav was fear-of-rejactionasoor, who ensured the students themselves prevented the seeds from sprouting. The students were in such a quandary.
In came the master craftsman. Like a true warrior, Virendra gave it all to help the students fight the asooras. Many learned people hold back a lot while teaching. But Virendra was not one of them. He took personal interest in nurturing each seed, each story, each character in those stories. Virendra simplified the writing process for the students. Most importantly, Virendra triggered a thought process in those creative minds that would lead to bringing out the best writing in them.
Virendra was transparent and honest with the feedback. He never sugar-coated the criticism but he was never harsh, hurtful or disrespectful. He never altered or encroached upon the students’ original ideas. Rather, he nourished those, guided those towards light and pruned the unruly shoots. He pushed them hard to do the homework.
The students responded with working harder. They had sleepless nights. They were driven by the passion of writing. Virendra loved them all and encouraged them in his own unique way.
The course progressed well. The students learnt to fight their own demons.
“You will surprise yourselves by the end of the course,” Virendra had promised the students. Oh boy, the students did so by the end of the course. The journey hadn’t been easy but Virendra helped them all along.
With the learnings, having vanquished the asooras, and with Aparna & Virendra’s blessings, the students wrote happily ever after.

Sapna Mangla

Story Craft Student

It just happened… I came across a post related to ‘Story Craft’, a platform inviting aspiring writers to explore their potential and to learn crafting stories.. It was the time when I was determined to complete my book on ‘Parenting’. I have jotted down few sections too. I eagerly enrolled in ‘Story Craft’, as it was a great opportunity to learn from a Master Writer. It was far beyond my imagination that a prolific writer, & renowned person has found time to motivate as well as show a right path, with the light of guidelines, as a torch to brighten your journey of writing a story with your belief throughout. And really, I ended up with a story of about 6000 words.. Imagine, a person who could not think beyond 300-350 words, ended up with such results. It was the magic of Viren Sir. He clarified each aspect so beautifully with real life examples, that all my batchmates ended up with their creativity in Hand. I am looking forward for his next level course. Thank you sir, fir a real ‘event of enlightenment’ in the life of all aspiring writers like me. Thank you so much.

Next Batch Starts

17th August, 2020

For more details Call, Aparna 9819560802

Enrollment Process

For Availability, Fee Structure and Payment Details

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