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"Learn to write your stories the way professional writers do."
"This course will open for you an amazing new way of thinking and writing."

Virendra Shahaney

Writer of CID, Adaalat, Uttaran

This course is designed and conducted by renowned author and screenwriter Virendra Shahaney who has given hit stories like CID, Adaalat, Uttaran, Parravrish and many others.

This fully interactive course includes theory, practicals and many real-life lessons taken from Virendra’s 25 years long and successful career as a storyteller. It has a unique and amazing set of tools which will improve your creative thinking abilities and will also make you the champion of the craft of storytellng.

After attending this four-week course, you will be ready with your own complete story written from scratch frm your own idea. You will also have mastery over tools that will help you write stories for Films, Web-series, TV-serials, or Novels.

Course Format: 12-online sessions of Two-and half hours each.

Please note that each batch has limited seats.

From The Desk Of Virendra Shahaney
September 2020

Dear Aspiring Writers,

If you want to create a career in media and entertainment world and want your stories to stand out in the cluttered content market, this will be the most important course you will ever take.

Here is why: My name is Virendra Shahaney and twenty-five years ago I was a new aspiring writer like you. I had just started my struggle not knowing how to achieve a breakthrough in this mad world of entertainment. I went around producers’ offices with a story not many people were willing to listen to.

I was desperately searching for a break and then one day I met a producer who agreed to listen to my story. Once I told that story, my career took off and I never looked back. That’s the power of holding a good story in your hand. I have been writing stories for 25 years and I have enjoyed excellent results thanks to a unqiue storytelling technique which helped me develop great memorable characters and engaging plots over and over again.

I am now sharing with young writers my simple story development technique and also many new tools that I have created during my journey of becoming one of the most successful writers in India. I am sharing all this knowledge with you all because I have a passion for teaching and I wish to pass on my original story development tools to the next generation of talented writers.

So, if you are really serious about building a writing career, do not miss this opportunity to join me on Story Craft (Advanced). It will be my pleasure to pass on my knowledge to a bright young talent like you.

You will find below a few videos where my students are sharing their experinces of this course.

Thanks for reading,

Virendra Shahaney


Course Content

Chapter 1: Introduction

Module 1.1: What is a story?

Module 1.2: Elements of a story

Module 1.3: Difference between Story and Storytelling

Module 1.4: Elements of Storytelling

Chapter 2: Laying the foundation of a story

Module 2.1: Know Your Audience

Module 2.2: Theme Development

Module 2.3: Premise Development

Chapter 3: Understanding Plot

Module 3.1: Elements of plot

Module 3.2: Creating The Protagonist

Module 3.3: Creating The Antagonist

Module 3.4: Understanding The Protagonist’s Journey

Module 3.5: Understanding The Antagonist’s Journey

Module 3.6: Understanding The Conflict

Module 3.7: Understanding The Twist

Module 3.8: The Timeline

Chapter 4: Designing the world of a story

Module 4.1: The Location and Time

Module 4.2: Creating Supporting Characters

Module 4.3: Creating Sub-plots

Chapter 5: Structuring the narrative

Module 5.1: One Hard Look at the Timeline

Module 5.2: Begin to Engage

Module 5.3: Middle must entertain

Module 5.4: End for Impact

Chapter 6: Working on Resolution

Module 6.1: Types of Endings

Module 6.2: Best Message is Silent

Chapter 7: Nailing it with narration

Module 7.1: Storyteller’s Body Language

Module 7.2: Storyteller’s Voice

Module 7.3: The Heartbeat Test

The list above in pointer form is only a tip of the iceberg as compared to what we actually do in the course. A lot of emphasis is given on understanding a unique tool called ‘Story Map’. And we also discus in depth the psychology of being a profesional writer. I assure you that you will enjoy the process of diving deep into each of the above conepts and topics with me during this four week course.


Aspiring Author

Aspiring Screenwriter for Films and TV

Aspiring Writer for Web-series

Short-story Writer

If your passion falls in any of the above categories, you should definitely attend this course and start your career with speed and confidence.

Fee, Course Timings and Enrollment

Thank you for you interest in Story Craft (Advanced). The course runs for four weeks and comprises of 12-sessions. There will two and half hour sessions on every Saturday and Sunday. The session will start at 1030 am sharp and go till 12:30pm.

The course fee is Rs. 29999/- and you can proceed to pay by clicking the enroll button below. Check out Offers and Discounts Here.

Once you click to enroll, you will be taken to the registration form followed by the payment page. Once the formalities are complete, you will receive an email containing your admission details and payment confirmation.

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