Story Craft (Basic)

Foundation Course on plot Development For Budding Writers

story craft

In this Interactive Video Classroom we will train you to write stories that strongly resonate with your audience. You may write for Films, Web-series, TV-serials, or Novels – this training will make your writing process robust and quick and it will help you all through your life.
Format: 2-sessions Two-hour each Over online-Video

Next Batch Starts

8th and 9th August, 2020

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Course Content

Course Content

Session 1: Introduction & Character Building

Module 1.1: What is a story?

Module 1.2: Elements of a story

Module 1.3: Designing Strong characters

Session 2: Laying the Plot of your story

Module 2.1: Understanding Plot

Module 2.2: Understanding Story Map

Module 2.3: Creating Your Story Map

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Rijul Sharma

Story Craft Student

Story craft session by Virendra Sir has given me(a budding writer) a right path to walk on to be a writer in true sense.
I was fond of writing but this session was a stepping stone to convert my passion into my profession. Sir not only explained what this session was for but also addressed everybody’s doubt with all the patience one could ever have. I didn’t felt like I was attending a session even for once. Story craft was an interaction with Sir where he trained my mind to think like a writer. I was a diary writer and didn’t believe to be a professional writer so easily but because of him I could write, think and feel confident about whatever I wrote no matter how well or bad it was. He has always appreciated the work and ideas.
He gave me confidence and a hope that I used to lack previously.
I just can’t thank him enough for what he gave to me.
At last, I would just sum up by saying that he is an amazing mentor and to have him as a mentor is an achievement in itself.
And I would highly recommend every budding writer to grab this opportunity to learn from him.

Next Batch Starts

18th and 19th July, 2020

For more details Call, Aparna 9819560802

Enrollment Process

For Availability, Fee Structure and Payment Details

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