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He gave awesome stories to millions of Indians over two decades. He wrote superhit shows like CID, Adaalat, Aahat, Kahaan Huum Kahaan Tum, Uttaran, Parrvarish… the list goes on and on… Now he is sharing his reciepe for success in fiction writing. Yes, Mr. Virendra Shahaney is going to conduct this special edition webinar himself! He is a remarkable coach besides being a well-known screenwriter, author, creative director and producer. He has established “Story Craft Education” with a strong commitment to helping young talents fulfill their dreams of working in Entertainment and Publishing industries. He is also the founder of “Web Talkies”, a digital content company and was the Head of Fiction Programming at Sony Entertainment Television. His vast experience and unique teaching style will enable you to build a successful and rewarding career in fiction writing.

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(As per a Linkedin Survey, a strong career in fiction writing brings you freedom followed by money and respect.)

What You Will Learn in this Webinar?

⇒ How to Balance the Art, Science and Business of storytelling?

⇒ How to Break into this Difficult and Cluttered Writing Market?

⇒ How to Make a Unique Place for Yourself as a Fiction Writer?

⇒ How to Maximise Your Writing Potential and Minimize Writer’s Block?

⇒ How to writer better, memorable stories in lesser time than others?


⇒ How to Create Memorable Characters that Stand Out in the Market?

⇒ How to Create Plots and Subplots that truely Entertain the Audience?

⇒ How to Create A Great Story Pitch for the Studio Executives & Publishers?

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If you have questions and doubts on subject, we have got you covered. After you have watched the webinar, you can interact with Mr. Virendra Shahaney who will answer your questions and queries via whatsapp and email. As a bonus, you can watch the webinar three times so you will not miss on anything. Grab this offer now to build your dream career in fiction writing that promises a life of Freedom, Handsome Earnings and Love of your viewers/readers.

A note from Virendra

Hello there!
If you are an aspiring fiction writer and want to tell your stories via movies, TV, Web or Novels, I understand the challenges you face – for example –

You wonder,
How to attract attention to your stories???
How to make your work reach right hands???

Or at times you ask yourself, where and how do I start???
How to craft stories that people will love??

I understand these challenges because 25 years ago, I was a new writer with big dreams but no help. I, like you today, had nobody who would guide me in the right direction, show me the pitfalls, and help me with professional ways of crafting my stories & then put them in front of right people.

That is why, I have decided to take some time out from my writing and put it into making your journey a lot easier for you. I am doing this because, today, I can help young ambitious writers like you.

How will I do it??

Ok, if I have to give you a hint, it all starts with crafting ‘solid’ stories. which are truly original and then share them with the right people in right way.

If you want to learn that, I am happy to help.

I will see you on the Webinar.


Virendra Shahaney

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